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Dr. Allie Evans, DC

I  grew up on a small island called Jamestown, RI where I enjoyed spending days at the beach and playing (usually barefoot!) for hours outside. Before Chiropractic entered my life, I received her Bachelor and Master Degrees from Springfield College in MA and worked several years with high school students with disabilities. I had always known that I wanted to help people but felt that I had not found my purpose in life a few years into my career.  I began to really explore the question of “why am I here?!”   At the time, my long-term boyfriend had started Chiropractic school and as we spoke daily on the phone, I was intrigued and inspired by what I was learning about Chiropractic.  I had always thought Chiropractic was about neck and back pain and had been taught the myths as opposed to the facts about it. 


However, I began seeing a Chiropractor for Wellness (I had no pain or discomfort - I was just STRONGLY encouraged by my boyfriend!).  I immediately noticed allergies, sinusitis, digestion and sleep improved.  I felt a lot less stressed (especially while driving my hour commute each day!).   I had been challenged for years with random symptoms and through the course of care felt an obvious improvement in my health - with the disappearance of symptoms, increase in energy and clarity.   Though I admit I was initially stubborn about the whole thing… I fell in love with Chiropractic.  My decision to go back to school was difficult but well worth it!  I had to follow my heart…


I graduated Cum Laude from Life University in Marietta, GA.  Although I certainly miss the ocean, I admit that I have always been drawn to the majestic power of the mountains and chose Denver as my new home.  I LOVE what I do and see lives change and people heal all the time.  I truly care about the people that come into SHINE and love helping adults, children and even animals express a better version of themselves through enhancing their natural ability to heal.  I love to laugh and love to love….


Dr. Allie, DC

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