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To facilitate growth, transformation and healing in the lives of people of all ages (as well as animals!).  In the spectrum of life and vitality, we have great potential.  Our bodies are constantly self-regulating and self-healing.  However, the many stressors we encounter in life can interfere with that ability.  That interference can occur within the spine creating a disconnect between the brain and the body.  At SHINE Chiropractic, our primary job is to help remove those interferences and allow your body to reach it's optimum potential for function, healing, performance, and much more. In doing so, we help your light SHINE!!





We are constantly changing human beings and at SHINE we recognize that and see you as an individual with different needs each visit.  We see your brilliance.  We aim to help you grow and evolve in terms of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Because, let's face it, that's all connected.. In order to be the version of ourselves that has limitless amounts to give to our families, jobs, communities and the world, we need to be the uninterrupted and free version of ourselves.  Whether it's pain or wellness care that brings you in, Dr. Allie, DC will focus on helping to reconnect your brain with your body in order to allow your innate potential to shine through.  You are never treated like a case, prognosis or condition.. instead you are looked at as unlimited potential. 





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