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The Magical-ness of YOU

In today's society it's hard not to get caught up in all of the negativity. We tend to focus on the things that are 'wrong' with others, with the world, with society and even with our family members and with OURSELVES. We live in a constant state of judgement. It doesn't have to be that way...

One of the things I am constantly keeping an awareness of in my life is how can I create more positivity in my own mind and in the lives of others. One tool is keeping my social media time in check.. Also, I choose to avoid watching the news. I also have spent days being conscious of my judgements (mostly of myself because I am human and tend to self-judge) and in those times I catch myself and say that "it's just an interesting point of view" and I let it go. That's really all that judgements are - interesting points of view. I have literally done exercises where I am reprogramming from self-judgement to no judgement which has brought me so much more ease and joy in my life. If you want to know more, ask me during your next visit and I'm happy to share.

Now... in terms of CHIROPRACTIC.... I ahve noticed a common trendwhere people tend to focus on pain and "what's wrong with me?" and fear. Pain can bring about fear. But what if pain was a tool to let you know there is a need for healing in some area of your life or some part of your body? Now, in my practice, I need to do a form of evaluation. My hands and analysis tell me areas that there is POTENTIAL for change and healing. That is all. It's THAT simple. Then I do the adjustment. What happens next is where the MAGICAL part comes in. YOU have a perfect 'intelligence' in your body that knows exactly how to heal anything. When you get adjusted that innate intelligence (which I think is absolutely magical!) responds to the adjustment. Most importantly the nervous system gets stimunlated... specific parts of you brain, receptors, cells that communicate with the nervous system go to work, etc.. Your autonomic nervous system gets stimulated (all of the automatic things your body does) and so much more happens. Are muscles and bones a part of the equation - yes. Because they surround and protect those vital nerves in the spine. But more important than moving a bone out of fixation is all the magical ways your body will ALWAYS respond to a Chiropractic adjustment. It's SO positive! And for the tiny percentage of things that may "go wrong" in the body... at the exact same time there are MILLIONS of things that your body is doing "right"! Chew on that one for a bit and please feel free to ask me any questions! Happy Thursday!

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